Intro to Apple Deployment

This 2-day training will provide you with the necessary knowledge for deploying various Apple devices. A course includes both theory and exercises. Attendees will be configuring and managing Apple devices on their own, and in this way getting acquainted with the MDM technology and trying different approaches.


  • IT professionals
  • Technical experts and advisors


  • Design the best deployment scenario for a given case
  • Understand Apple Business Manager feature set and its role
  • Train defining and applying settings and apps
  • Learn main design goals of Apple's MDM framework, its abilities and limitations


  • iOS, iPadOS and macOS familiarity


Configuration in an unmanaged state

Notice potential problems and inconsistencies among larger fleet of devices


Learn more about the MDM framework, its capabilities and limitations

Apple Business Manager

Explore Apple Business Manager options, learn more about its role and capabilities, and understand the Automated Device Enrollment process.

Configuration and Apps

Try creating and installing configuration profiles and apps.


Find out more about security technologies built into Apple devices and the way they can be configured and leveraged in larger ogranizations with proper management.

Shared Devices and Device Refresh

Discuss and analyze situations when the device needs to be shared among different users or repurposed.


  • 31000 Kč (vč. DPH)